The Problem

The ability to access accurate information about the location of individuals and businesses is critical to ongoing collections operations.

The Solution:

A complete solution for the American market is available from our North American company, LSSi DATA. This system can be fully integrated into any skip tracer's IT environment and includes the entire credit collection workflow. Individual waterfall models can be adjusted.  LSSi's solution scans collection and trace lists before initiating the outbound calls with the highest relevancy for multiple collectors. The solution is available as a SaaS product.

Similar solutions for the European market are offered on an individual basis.

Why LSSi?

No Web-crawling based, general purpose Internet search engine can match the accuracy and update cycle of a nation-wide telephone directory. When it comes to individuals, a Web search engine is limited. The sophisticated search algorithms in LSSi's telco-sourced, up-to-date database allow the best possible matches and services to be offered.