The Problem

Directory Assistance (DA) services are a highly sophisticated information product usually offered into a very competitive market environment. The traditional call centre based DA service is known under numbers with the 118 prefix in Europe and the 411 short code in the U.S. Such services supply both national and international numbers to callers hundreds of million times a year, around the globe and around the clock. 

In addition to handling heavy loads reliably, the primary challenge is gaining access to complete, up-to-date and accurate listing information.

The Solution

With its portfolio of comprehensive Directory Assistance Content Solutions, LSSi Europe provides national and international listings as well as a wide range of additional directory data to service providers, in many cases acting as a one-stop supplier for all their data needs.

For DA service providers offering lookups on the fixed or mobile Internet, LSSi also provides the necessary content and, if needed, a white label Internet portal solution. In addition, LSSi can provide content for fully automated, self-service DA solutions employing SMS or voice and cater to the specific needs of providers of Free DA and other newer business models with appropriate content and solutions.

With a wealth of experience, LSSi Europe assists many of its customers in maintaining and operating data delivery systems with maximum efficiency and delivers significant cost savings through our managed services offering or LSSi's data merging services.

Why LSSi?

In close co-operation with our sister companies within the VDI Group LSSi Europe provides an extensive range of complete solutions, mixing rich data content, product provisioning platforms, project deployment and operational and hosting. As a one-stop shop for all your directory assistance data and solution needs, LSSi Europe occupies a unique position on today's information services market.