The key element of a successful Directory Assistance (DA) Service is data that is complete, accurate and up-to-date.

Many European and overseas DA service providers and telephone companies rely on LSSi's proven content as the core of their 24/7 services. LSSi's unmatched track record in data quality, service reliability and search engine power ensures permanent availability and the best retrieval results within milliseconds.

  • LSSi offers solutions for national as well as for international DA services.
  • LSSi's DA content is accessable via the ITU E.115 standard protocol or via XML.
  • LSSi manages its own national telephone directory databases for the United Kingdom, FranceIreland and Latvia. Further countries are accessed via network to national directories of regional LSSi business partners.
  • Data solutions from LSSi Europe together with DA solutions from Volt Delta comprise a complete package for optimum results and perfect integration into any customer's directory services environment.