The Problem

Whether your eCommerce business handles a handful, or thousands, of transactions every day, identity validation is an absolute necessity - and must occur fully automated, behind the scenes and without any drag on Web site response times.

The Solution

The LSSi XML interface allows for full integration of name, address and telephone number verification into any e-commerce application, providing merchants with the high confidence levels necessary to ensure that streets and localities match up and that a name exists at the given address.

It also enables correction of a wrong address elements and appending of missing ones, thus cutting down or eliminating delays and returned shipments.

Where it is difficult to verify a new customer, LSSi Europe provides a fully automated voice assisted identity verification as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

Why LSSi?

LSSi Europe delivers a full set of due diligence tools for identity verification. Easy interfaces allow fast, straightforward implementation into your application workflow, with no CAPEX investment required. LSSi Europe works only with reference data that is updated frequently in order to keep pace with the fast moving world of e-commerce.