The Problem

Delivery services are constantly confronted with the problem that customers are often not at home when goods are delivered to them.

The Solution

LSSi Europe's identity confirmation solution enables any logistics company to:

  • Validate a recipient's name against the delivery address
  • Call the customer to ensure that the he or she is at home and can take delivery

Easy to integrate and providing real-time validation, LSSi Europe's identity confirmation solution can help any company deliver when a customer is at home and thus avoid unnecessary or multiple trips.

Why LSSi?

LSSi reference databases are:

  • Updated daily, incorporating thousands of changes every working day
  • Telecom sourced
  • Blended and cleansed with address reference data to ensure correct postal addresses
  • Geocoded at the listing level (depending on the LSSi database selected )

LSSi is the international leader in directory content and offers its customers the security of using the best available sources in each market.