The Problem

In cases of retail fraud, it isn't always easy to identify and locate the originator of an order to reclaim your money. For higher priced goods such as furniture, electronics or photo equipment the lost income can be quite considerable.

Yet another problem is the accuracy of customer databases; often letters or mailings cannot be delivered due to incorrect our out-dated addresses, resulting in wasted time and money.

The Solution:

In addition to e-commerce, LSSi's identity verification tool also supports any traditional retail business by comparing new customer details with the most up-to-date national reference files available. The tool can be easily used by XML based interfaces or APIs, offering tight integration into order processing IT systems.

LSSi's Tele Appending tool ensures that customer address files remain correct, therefore minimising the risk of wrong shipments.

Why LSSi?

LSSi draws on the unmatched accuracy of professional telco sourced telephone directory databases, which are refreshed every day with tens of thousands of new and updated listings to ensure that customers receive the freshest, most accurate data possible.

LSSi's solutions are offered as an SaaS product and ensure an easy integration into any order processing workflow.