Having shipped goods or mailings returned is a waste of time, money and resources - and often leaves customers unhappy to boot.

Tele Appending Solutions from LSSi can help retailers and delivery companies avoid such situations by comparing customer databases with LSSi's own highly accurate, wholly reliable and up-to-date directories to weed out typical errors such as incorrect postal address or customer names not found under the given address.

LSSi offers three Tele Appending options:

  • A simple check of your customer data against the up-to-date LSSi directories to identify deviations from reference data
  • An on-line "dip" into our database from your application via XML, allowing you to conduct a comparison yourself
  • Upload your customer data file and allows LSSi to compare your data and send a cleansed version back.

Tele Appending Solutions from LSSi are today available using LSSi's French and the Latvian database. Other will follow soon.