When a standard Identity Confirmation search produces no matches, e-commerce portals in particular find themselves in a quandary. Do they live with a degree of uncertainty in order not to lose out on potential revenue, or do they block the sale in order to protect their business against fraud?

LSSi Europe provides a way around this situation by offering Voice Assisted Identity Verification Services.

The service allows e-shops to prompt orderers for their telephone number and inititate an automatic call back via LSSi's IVR systems. Upon picking up, the caller is asked to recite a code that appears on his/her screen and provide several other pieces of information using natural speech. The utterances are automatically reognised and recorded and may be used at a later date as evidence in the unlikely case of fraud.

The advantage of such a system is the high probability that only legitimate persons will have completed the sequence and agreed to a voice recording. Those attempting fraud will generally hang up before agreeing to leave any voice evidence behind. As such, it can be a highly effective way of filtering out fraud without losing out on revenue from a legitimate business opportunity.

Voice Assisted Identity Verification Services from LSSi work in every country independently of specific reference data.